PrintrBot Spa Treatment


Does your Printrbot need a little TLC?  Send it off for a getaway at the BZHQ Bot Spa & Resort


We could all use a little getaway every once in a while.  3D printers are no exception.  Send your Printrbot to BZHQ for a flat shop fee of €35 and we will give it the “PBHQ VIP treatment”.  If you are looking to rekindle your relationship with your Printrbot, why not start by treating it to some pampering from the BZHQ Resort staff?  See specifics below.

Spa Program Details:

  • This program is limited to the current Printrbot product line
    • Play 1505
    • Simple 1403
    • Plus 1504/1412 (Dual Extruder Excluded)
  • Printrbots that have been modified with non-Printrbot components are not eligible for the Bot Spa Treatment.  If you installed some other hot end or extruder to your bot, we cannot work on it.
  • Your Printrbot must be packaged carefully and shipped in the original packaging. Failure to comply may result in denial of the Bot Spa Treatment and your Printrbot shipped back as is.
  • If you are in need of new packaging to ensure that your bot is returned properly, you can purchase packaging on our product page HERE (
  • Once your bot arrives, one of our technicians will perform a basic tune-up which includes:
    • Firmware Update
    • Re-Calibration
    • Belt and Set Screw Tightening
    • Replacement of minor parts (worn belts, stripped/missing screws, etc.) including a new 0.4mm tip ($8 value)
    • Test Prints
  • We will also perform a diagnostic and give you a cost estimate of the additional parts and service time to get your Printrbot back printing again, if required.
  • Parts quoted at store prices and service time at €35/hr (in 1 hr increments).
  • Upon receipt of our estimate, you can choose whether to proceed with the additional service or return your Printrbot back to you as is.
  • After successful repair, the functionality will be verified by a 1-2hr quality test print, e.g. Benchy type model)
  • You will receive confirmation that your Printrbot has been repaired and being shipped back to you with the test print …as a memento of trip :).  You will also receive a description of the diagnosis/test results that were found by our service center tech.
  • YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING YOUR BOT TO BZHQ. You may wish to ship insured in event of any shipping damage.

If you are good with all of the bullet points above, add this product to your cart and we will know to expect it at BZHQ.  We’re looking forward to pampering your Printrbot!


Bot Spa Shipping Address (BZHQ)

Bulb Zone

Attn: *bot spa order number here*

120 route d’Arlon

L-8008 Strassen



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