Creality 3D CR-10s 500 Max


The huge CR-10s Extra 500 3D printer its huge 500x500x500 mm (50x50x50 cm) build volume is the upgraded version of the CR-10 : additional motor, sensors and alarms for more precision and reliability !

Other size available :

30x30x40 cm : Creality 3D CR-10s 300
40x40x40 cm : Creality 3D CR-10s 400

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The huge Creality 3D CR-10s 500 3D printer’s Main Features

  • Build volume : 500x500x500 mm (50x50x50 cm)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Resolution : up to 100 microns (0.1 mm)
  • Nozzle diameter : 0.4 (changeable)
  • Heated bed up to 90°C
  • Connect via USB and SD Card
  • LCD screen for controls, maintenance and printing from SD card
  • Software : Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify 3D

The new CR-10s : an upgraded version of the CR-10

The Creality 3D CR-10 has made a lot of noise online and in our opinion at Bulb Zone, it is deserved. It comes in a few parts (not fully disassembled) and can be assembled in les than 20 minutes. Once you’re done, you get a 950 € huge 50x50x50 cm 3D printer ! The value is pretty awesome but how about the quality and reliability of it ?

Well, the CR-10 and CR-10s has a full aluminum frame which makes it very stable. While testing it, we were worried about it only having one Z motor and lead screw for such a big plate and sure enough, the CR-10s adresses that issue and comes with another pair (and even without that pair, we printed a 72h Hulk without issue).
The new and upgraded CR-10s also comes with other improvements such as a filament detector in case the filament runs off and an auto resume print in case after power off.

A 3D printer for makers

Ok so the CR-10s has an awesome value, but how come ? Why such a difference with, let’s say, a Zortrax M200 or a Raise3D N2 ? Well these two kinds of 3D printers have different objectives in minds. The Zortrax and Raise3D team want to make a plug and play easy to use machine with fancy features such as auto-callibration probs, on board computer and wifi with their own slicing softwares to accompany you from the slicing to the printing.

The CR-10s is not one of them. Therefore, you’ll have to choose your own software, level the plate yourself and replace or upgrade some parts to make it truly your own. You will be able to get those fancy features, but you’ll have to get your hands dirty !


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