3DKitbash Gift Card : Boon


Give Boon, the Tiny T-Rex, to your friends who have 3D printers – on this digital download gift card.

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Boon teleported to Earth through a 3D printer to hang out with his best friend, Quin! He’s articulated, pose-able, and a ton of fun to print.

Your digital download gift card will be mailed to the address you provide in a plain white envelope for you to gift wrap.

Each download card comes with easy-to-understand instructions that will take your friend/loved one to www.3DKitbash.com, where they will enter the unique code provided on the back of the card. They will then be given a download link to download the 3D printable files to their computer.

Our .STL formatted files are easily printable on any printer with a build area of at least 100 X 100 X 100 mm (which includes most minis, micros, and regular desktop printers available). Our models are engineered by a toy industry veteran to have lots of personality, interesting design, and simple printability for the very best 3D printing experience possible. Our models print without the need for support structures, post-printing cleanup, or glue. Your friend will have a great time 3D printing and sharing pictures of their premium 3D models!

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