Reseller’s Zone

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor for Bulb Zone! We are experiencing an enormous amount of interest and are therefore publishing some of our key minimum requirements for your information to determine if you might be a good fit. If you fit these requirements and wish to submit your profile for consideration to become a Bulb Zone distributor, please complete the information request form below. We will review your information and respond with further inquiry as we determine.

Minimum Requirements

  • Only Printrbots and specified upgrade kits (such as the Simple X Upgrade) are available for wholesale to distributors. Other parts and accessories are excluded from distributor arrangements.
  • Order will require 100% prepayment prior to shipment from our warehouse.
  • We can ship using your freight account directly
  • There is no minimum order.
  • Existing distributors/business only – need to furnish evidence through website and other references as required.
  • Ability to provide Level One customer support: website FAQ pages and install instructions, ability to diagnose and resolve common problems directly related to published documents using email within 24 hrs. Also provide Initial Level Two customer support including undocumented advanced setup features and installation not related to hardware product, and escalation to Bulb Zone personnel using appropriate designated communication channels as needed for hardware issues.
  • Summary of your intended Printrbot marketing (website presence, etc.)
  • We will not assemble upgrades for you, that’s your responsibility and your business.
  • We will not send directly to your customer.

If you want to join us, submit this form.


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